Design & Analysis by CAE


Design & Analysis by CAE

After hearing your needs and ideas, we can use 3D CAD to suggest specific images.

Design & Analysis Technology and Optical Simulation

Based on 3D data from customers, design proposal, various analysis, design prototyping, etc. are performed to develop the optimum mold.At the same time, we will promote significant reductions in delivery times.

Based on molding technology and material technology, we support from design proposal (3D model creation) to commercialization quickly.

By ray tracing simulation, we propose optimal optical specifications required for products, such as illuminance, brightness, and luminous intensity.

CAE Tools

We actively use 3D data to aim for speedy response. Simulation analysis can improve product performance and produce products that exceed the target performance.


3D CAD software

  • We have multiple CAD software to efficiently transfer data with our customers.

    ·Creo Parametric



    ·Autodesk Inventor


Structural analysis software

  • Perform finite element analysis using 3D data.The analysis results can be used to identify problems and improve product functions.

    ·Creo Simulate


    ·Femap(with NX NASTRAN)

Molding analysis software

  • Moldflow is a resin flow analysis software that can directly analyze 3D solid models. There is a function to consider deformation and failure phenomena of molded products.
    By utilizing this software, we can aim to improve the quality of molded products.

    ·Moldex 3D


Optical analysis software

  • By using optical analysis software
    ·Simulate physical phenomena such as light scattering, diffraction, reflection, and refraction by ray tracing
    ·Analysis of illuminance distribution and luminance distribution on the surface through which light passes



    ·Backlight analysis software(R600)