Advanced Materials & New Business Development


Advanced Materials & New Business Development

We are developing new technologies and products to propose solutions to our customers.

Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Compounds – “HIPERSITE”

HIPERSITE W series (hereinafter referred to as W series) is a carbon nanotube (CNT) resin developed based on our resin composite technology.
It is very difficult for carbon nanotubes to be uniformly compounded inside the resin, but if dispersion control can be performed, they will exhibit excellent performance.
·Since our first commercialization in the world in 1999, we have accumulated many technologies to develop the potential of CNT, from CNT dispersion to molding processing and electrostatic property control.
·It achieves excellent antistatic performance without losing the properties of the base resin, such as low dusting, toughness, and moldability.
·We offer a wide range of grades from polycarbonate to PEEK to meet various requirements


Merits of W series

  • Wシリーズのメリット
  • Carbon nanotubes are fine, meandering fibrous conductive fillers made from high purity hydrocarbons.

    Carbon nanotubes, even with small additions, exhibit conductivity through fine networks.

    Therefore, there are many merits as follows compared with conventional conductive resin.
    ·Excellent electrostatic property (ESD)
    ·There are few particles in liquid, dust such as scratch.
    ·Less contamination with gas, ions, etc.
    ·Excellent in moldability because of good fluidity and toughness.

Seamless Belts for Color Printers & Copiers

Thin-film cylindrical seamless belt is a low-cost seamless belt manufactured by precision extrusion of various resins.

1. Compound thermoplastic and engineering plastics with conductive materials to create unique materials.And, using that material, precision extrusion molding achieves high productivity and low price.
2. Unique mold design allows arbitrary control of electrical resistance value

·Intermediate transfer belt for color printer and copier
·Paper conveyance belt for OA equipment


Alminium Laminated Films for Electronics & Batteries

samplesamplesamplesample in the commercialization of “plastic aspheric mirrors for rear-projection TVs,” which started with development based on precision molding technology for plastic, we are now developing “aspheric mirrors for head-up displays (HUD)” (Figures 1 and 2), which are reflective optical components for automotive use. The mirror is a reflective optical component for automotive use.samplesamplesamplesample.


Semiconducting PEEK Films

2021/05/06日本語訳変更ありCompounding PEEK (super engineering plastic) and conductive material creates unique material.Using that material, precision extrusion achieves high productivity and low price.

·Control electrical resistance in semiconductive area in addition to abrasion resistance and chemical resistance
·Used for paper transport film and tube
·Suitable for downsizing of equipment

·Film parts for printers and copiers


Thin-layer Formationon Plastic Parts

Our thin-layer forming technology enables:

  • Features

    ·Adding optical characteristics (e.g. reflectance) with metal coating
    ·Adding gas barrier properties
    ·Formation of decorative surface including 3D geometry

    Based on our knowledge, we propose how to deal with the properties derived from base plastic material.

  • Use


    ・医療・体外検査用診断用部品 ·Plastic reflective mirror

    ·Decorative parts

    ·Medical and healthcare parts

Ultrasonic Vibration Element

·High electromechanical coupling coefficient can be obtained by the hybrid structure of piezoelectric ceramic and resin.

·Optimal design of the shape and dimensions of the vibrating element.

·Production results Resonant frequency 30kHz~30MHz


UV Curing Resin for Optical Parts – “MY CURE”

MY Cure, our unique UV curing resin, has following features:
1.High refractive index grade (nD: 1.64) is available.
2.Refractive index is adjustable (from 1.53 to 1.64).
3.High thermal resistance + refractive index (1.53) grade is in our lineup.

We can tailor the refractive index (1.53 ~ 1.64) to meet the needs of individual customer.
If you get interested in MY Cure, please feel free to contact us.

光学用紫外線硬化樹脂 MYキュア
  • Lineup of MY Cure

    We have 2 types of MY Cure such as
    · for thin film (0.1~100µm)
    · for sheet (100µm~10mm)
    Each type has grades of “high refractive index”, “high refractive index + low viscosity” and “high thermal resistance”.

  • Refractive Index

    MY Cure has better characteristics in refractive index and fluidity compared to PC or PMMA.

    (Reference value of refractive index)
    PC: 1.59
    PMMA: 1.49

  • Matching of Refractive Index

    We can adjust refractive index of MY Cure and cover a wide range of required values.

  • Thermal Resistance

    We have high thermal resistance grade. It is available for solder reflowing.
    Example: 90 sec at 180℃ + 10 sec at 250℃