Evaluations and Inspections


Evaluations and Inspections

Various evaluation / inspection equipment

We have a wide range of inspection equipment and evaluation equipment that support the quality of various products, and we respond to customer requests.

Evaluations / Inspection Equipments

We have a variety of evaluation equipment and inspection equipment available for the following:
·Improve the accuracy and function of development products and speed up development
·Improve quality control of mass-produced products
Below, we introduce a representative evaluation inspection equipment.

·Accuracy measurement equipment
In recent years, parts requiring micron-order accuracy have been increasing.We regularly verify the accuracy while using a three-dimensional measurement machine regularly.We also have high-resolution non-contact three-dimensional measurement equipment so that optical components that require even more stringent accuracy can be measured.

·Optical measuring equipment
We can evaluate the phase difference of optical films and the diffusivity of transmitted light and reflected light.In addition, it is possible to measure the brightness and the variation of the brightness of optical parts.

·Application measuring equipment
We have gear accuracy measuring machines that can verify gear standards (JIS and JGMA standards)and roundness measuring machines.

·Functional evaluation equipment
We have equipment that can perform vapor deposition and various environmental tests.


Accuracy measurement equipment

  • Contact-type three-dimensional measuring machine

    Capable of measuring 1 μm
  • Non-contact type three-dimensional measuring machine

    Capable of measuring 1 μm
  • High resolution three-dimensional measuring machine

    Capable to measure 0.001 μm
  • 3D scanner type three dimensional measuring machine


Optical measuring equipment

  • Retardation measuring device

  • Color luminance meter(BM-7)

    Measure the brightness
  • RISA optical measuring machine

    Measure the brightness variation
  • Ultra-deep profile measuring microscope


Application measuring equipment

  • Gear lead testing machine

    Gear measurement of JIS standard is possible
  • Gear meshing tester

    JGMA gear measurement is possible
  • Roundness measuring machine

    Capable of measuring roundness in microns

Functional evaluation equipment

  • Evaporator

    Evaluation of vacuum deposition is possible
  • Constant temperature and humidity tester

  • X-ray fluorescence device