We offer a wide variety of proposals from mechanical parts, interior parts and optical parts by integrating our excellent technologies of molding, function-adding, decorating and processing.

We provide high-quality interior parts, such as overlay panels with AR/AG and AFP properties and components for meter panels. Based on a strong track record of transparent molded parts and high-gloss black painting (piano-black surface), which are in especially high demand, we are proud of high productivity with excellent quality.


Cover Panel

In recent years, new parts and devices have been installed due to stricter automobile safety standards and improvements in automated driving technology, and further increases in automobile weight are expected.
On the other hand, the trend to improve automobile fuel efficiency is accelerating in line with stricter environmental regulations, and there is a constant need to reduce the weight of each component.
The resin overlay panels manufactured by our company have been adopted for the surface of Automobile touch panels. Compared to glass, which has been the mainstream material in the past, these panels are not only lighter in weight, but also lower in price and have a three-dimensional shape, making it possible to meet the needs of various markets.
We will use our accumulated technological expertise to propose an overlay panel construction method that meets the functions required by our customers.


Heat & cool + compression molding

The manufacturing of overlay panels mainly involves molding, annealing, printing, cutting, and painting processes, all of which are carried out in an integrated manner in-house. In the molding process, we use heat and cool and compression molding to achieve weldlessness and low retardation, which is the basis for the design and functionality of our Cover Paneles. The following is an introduction to some of the methods that create added value based on this process.


Hard coat model

The hard coat model provides a deep and uniform appearance by applying UV clear coating to printed transparent molded products. In addition, functions such as anti-fingerprint and anti-glare properties can be added. We complete the entire manufacturing process in-house to ensure high quality and high yield.


Film insert model

In the film insert model, we select the film that best meets the various needs of the customer and perform insert molding. In addition, we have succeeded in achieving AG/AR by combining our molding know-how with film functions.
In recent years, we have been striving to develop a wide variety of products, focusing on the compatibility of design and functionality, and we are now able to offer more diverse technological proposals.


Meter Panel

In recent years, we have been providing customers with high quality optical components by utilizing optical design (optical simulation), multi-color molding in a clean room, and post-processing services for meter panel components for which design and optical characteristics are desired.

The following are some examples of the work we have done to date.

  • Using
  • Parts
  • Features
  • Light transmissive scale
    ·ABS resin (black), PMMA resin (transparent), and printing sheet are integrated → achieved by insert + two-color molding

  • Using
  • Parts
  • Features
  • Two-color molding of PC resin (transparent) for the memory part and ABS resin (black) for the peripheral part
    *Transparent green/red color printing on the memory part

  • Light transmission scale
  • Light Transmission Guidelines
  • By molding PC and ABS in two colors and utilizing the characteristic that plating selectively adheres only to ABS, we are able to reduce masking and other processes and provide high quality products with no gaps in the scale area, which cannot be achieved with assembled products.

  • Light transmission scale
  • Light penetrates through the arrow part
  • By combining dichromatic molding and H&C molding, shallow grooves of 10 μm or less, such as hairlines carved into the mold, can be reliably transferred to the molded product. In addition, half-mirror deposition is used to prevent the grooves from being filled in, thereby expressing a metallic tone, and light can be transmitted from the PC formation part (arrow part) only when the light is on.

  • Primary resin: transparent PC Secondary resin: red PC
  • Tertiary resin: Black ABS
  • This is a method of layering three types of resin together using only injection molding.
    It reduces the assembly process to more than two-color molding, and prevents light leakage and color loss by decorating not only the surface but also the inside of the product wall thickness.

  • Character: transparent Scale: red Surrounding: Cr plating
  • Enlargement of the scale
  • By combining the features of three-color molding and H&C molding with plating, it is possible to drastically reduce the number of defects caused by various materials in the plating process.

Aspherical Mirror

Figure 1. Aspherical mirror for Head-Up-Display.
Direct sputtering on a molded part (made of PC, COP, COC etc.) realizes high precision of part surface and shape, good reflectance and reliability on in-vehicle environment.
We established fully automated production system from molding to sputtering (see Figure 2).
That enables to secure reliability of directly-formed aluminum layer on a substrate made of PC, which means that process reduction and raw material cost reduction is possible.

  • 非球面ミラー
    PAT.6738200(us) , PAT.2L01820920.3(CN)
  • 自動生産システム
    Figure2:In-line Sputtering is possible in conjunction with a molding machine.

Diverse elemental technologies

A wide variety of elemental technologies are required for this development.
·Precision mold design technology (aspheric correction, cooling piping)
Precision molding technology (precision temperature control)
·Precision shape evaluation technology (three-dimensional shape measurement, quantification of the difference between designed shape and molded product shape)
·Vacuum film forming technology (optimization of film forming conditions, thin film analysis)
·Optical property evaluation technology (evaluation of reflectance of curved molded products)
etc. The key to improving durability under the harsh environmental tests (high temperature, high humidity, low temperature, thermal shock, high humidity cycle, etc.) that are unique to in-vehicle components is the selection of base material resins (including grades) that consider physical and chemical performance, including polycarbonate.
The particularly difficult elemental technologies developed and accumulated through this development are also being applied to products in other fields.

  • Micro prism processing machine
    Capable of processing nano-level molds
  • High resolution 3D measuring machine
    Capable of measuring 0.001μm

Characteristic evaluation example

Figure 3 shows an example of quantitative evaluation of the difference between the measured 3D shape of an aspheric mirror injection molded product and the target design aspheric shape.
(PV value: defined as PV=dZmax-dZmin, where the reflective surface is the XY plane and dZ is the difference from the target shape in the Z-axis direction)
(PV value: defined as PV=dZmax-dZ min, where the reflective surface is the XY plane and dZ is the difference from the target shape in the Z-axis direction)
Figure 4. shows correlation of reflectance (%) and wavelength(nm) of aluminum + protective layer and aluminum + high reflection layer on a molded part. The part was loaded in a vacuum deposition chamber without any pretreatment on its optical surface.


Future Developments

Currently, we have developed reflective small optical components for Automobile LED light sources based on the vacuum deposition technology cultivated through this development, and have started mass production ahead of schedule.
In the future, we plan to fundamentally review the optical thin film composition to improve the reflectivity.
In addition to our existing technologies, we will continue to accelerate our development and commercialization to provide well-balanced products by combining our newly developed and accumulated technologies. If you have a specific theme that our equipment and technology can help you with, please contact us.

Optical Parts

Parts with excellent optical characteristics are in high demand to add a sense of luxury and comfort to the in-vehicle atmosphere. We provide good-quality optical parts using optical design / simulation technology. Some examples are shown below.

  • Thick-Walled Lens
  • OpticalParts
  • Light Guide Panel
  • Light Guide Panel

Mechanical Parts

Our manufacturing line is capable of handling various raw materials not only commodity plastics but also super engineering plastics.
During development phase, we propose high-precision and high-quality product based on CAE analysis.


Interior Parts

Interior parts with excellent design are in high demand to add a sense of luxury and comfort to the in-vehicle atmosphere.
We have cleanroom environment in where multicolor injection molding and fabrication process are available, that enables supply of high-quality interior parts to the customers.Some examples are shown below.

  • Weldless Injection Part
  • Heating Controller Panel
  • Interior Part with Multicolor Painting
  • Switch Button