Azai Plant

We use the latest technology from large-sized products for TVs and office equipment to small parts for precision instruments to produce the products you want.
In molding, technologies such as heat and cool molding, gas assist molding and gas counter molding are used to achieve high quality and stable production.
And in processing technology, we produce parts with low reflection (anti-reflection, anti-glare) and fingerprint resistance and parts with high gloss black (piano black tone). There are many achievements and high productivity.Above all, mass production of transparent cover lenses for vehicles with strict quality is possible and has received high praise.

Large-sized injection molded product line

A total of 21 molding lines are equipped with the latest injection molding machines.
We meet every customer’s request.

  • Large-sized molding machine (2500t)

  • 協業ロボット

  • Production line of molding machine

  • Large mold and product removal

Large parts painting line

We operate the painting robot efficiently and perform high-gloss coating, multi-color coating and large-sized coating quickly.

  • Large parts painting line
  • High gloss paint line.
  • Speedy and high quality by robot painting


Sekigahara Plant

We produce high-quality products using cutting-edge technology for small to medium-sized parts used in office equipment and home appliances. In molding, we use technology such as heat and cool molding and in-mold molding to obtain excellent quality and high reliability. And in processing technology, we produce parts with low reflection (anti-reflection, anti-glare) and fingerprint resistance and parts with high gloss black (piano black tone). There are many achievements and high productivity.Above all, mass production of transparent cover lenses for vehicles with strict quality is possible and has received high praise.


Small injection molding product line

A total of 29 molding lines are equipped with the latest mid-sized molding machines.

  • Automotive cover lens molding
  • Automotive cover lens molding
  • Molding machine production line
    (Medium-sized machine)
  • Molding Machine Production Line
    (Small Machine)
  • Automatic material supply system
  • Automatic product box exchange system

Small parts painting line

We coat small to medium size products speedily and beautifully. We make use of the latest paint robot to meet paint of all needs, and support high gloss paint and UV paint. A variety of robot coating equipment such as rotary coating and spindle coating realizes high-quality and beautiful finish.

  • Painting of the cover lens.Speedy and high quality by robot painting in a clean environment
  • Air shower device to maintain clean environment
  • Quality check in inspection process

Assembly and coating process

In addition to appearance finishing such as pad printing, silk printing, and hot stamping, we perform welding processing using heater heat and ultrasonic waves, and various parts are assembled.

  • Cover lens printing automatic inspection
  • Thermal welding machine
  • Hot Stamp
  • Pad printing


Tsukuba Plant

Manufacture of products for medical, dental and extracorporeal examination
·we manufacture in a clean room, we can supply high quality products.
·we have an aseptic filling facility, we can supply aseptic filling products.
·February 2010, we acquired a medical device management system (ISO 13485 certification) in order to gain more security and confidence in providing medical devices and dental medical device parts and products.
·also manufacture at overseas consignees, so we can supply products overseas.

Large Clean room(Clean room class 100,000)

  • ·Total floor area:3,400m2

    ·Clean room:800m22

Assembly(Clean room class 100,000)

  • ·Various operations (ultrasonic welding, heat sealing, etc.) possible

    ·It is also possible to produce equipment required for production, such as fully automatic assembly equipment and 100% inspection equipment.

Filling(Clean room class100~1000)

  • ·We have liquid preparation, autoclave and filling equipment

    ·Aseptic filling is possible

    ·Implementation of antibacterial control


Suzuka Plant

The following operations are possible in a large clean room.
·Manufactured by an electric injection molding machine (size: 50T to 350T, two-color molding machine 280T)
·Assembly processing within clean degree (class 10000)
·Quality check in a clean room (optical & visual inspection, dimensional inspection)
·Packaging that prevents the mixture of dust and foreign matter

Ideal for molding and assembly processing of transparent parts and optical parts that are dust and dirt free.

Large clean room

  • Factory building—1570m2

    1.Clean room for assembly and inspection–502m2

    2.Molding clean room–358m2

  • Equipment
  • Vertical Insert
  • Features
  • 自動化設備については、設備コスト抑制・改善の観点から自社開発を前提に取り組む。
  • Equipment
  • ゲートカット自動化
  • Features
  • 有人ゲートカットから自動ゲートカット機導入による省力化。
  • Equipment
  • パレットチェンジャー
  • Features
  • 内製パレットチェンジャー導入による省力化、省スペース化。
  • Assembly processing and optical inspection




Yokkaichi Plant

The Yokkaichi Plant is positioned like a product development center, and makes optimal proposals while utilizing the CAE function, various evaluation equipment, and trial molds to meet the needs of customers. There is a functional product development laboratory nearby, and new proposals that make use of the characteristics of polymer composites will also be possible.



Equipment List

Azai Plant
  • injection molding machines
    UBEマシナリー 2500t 1 units
    三菱重工 2500t 1 units
    三菱重工 1300t 1 units
    三菱重工 1250t 1 units
    新潟宇部 850t 1 units
    三菱重工 850t 1 units
    日本製鋼所 550t 2 units
    FANUC 350t 9 units
    FANUC 180t 1 units
    280t 1 units
    150t 1 units
    TOTAL 20 units
  • 加飾・組立設備
    パッド印刷機 9 units
    自動シルク印刷機 4 units
  • 塗装設備
    高光沢塗装ライン(ロボット塗装) 1系列
    一般塗装ライン(ロボット塗装)・中型製品対応 2系列
    一般塗装ライン(手吹き塗装)・小型製品対応 1系列
    透明塗装ライン 2系列
  • その他の設備
    流動解析(MOLD-FLOW) 1台
    三次元測定機 2台
    恒温恒湿試験機 1台
    光沢計 1台
    色差計 1台
Sekigahara Plant
  • injection molding machines
    FANUC 350t 6 units
    FANUC 180t 7 units
    FANUC 100t 5 units
    FANUC 50t 3 units
    FANUC 30t 1 units
    130t 1 units
    TOTAL 23 units
  • 加飾・組立設備
    回転式パッド印刷機 1 units
    パッド印刷機 12 units
    自動シルク印刷機 10 units
    アップダウンホットスタンプ機 2 units
    UV照射機 1 units
    レーザーカット機 2 units
    多色(3色)パッド印刷機 1 units
  • 塗装設備
    蒸着機 1系列
    透明塗装ライン 1系列
  • その他の設備
    三次元測定機 2台
    恒温恒湿試験機 1台
    色差計 1台
    3Dプリンター 1台
    蛍光X線装置 1台
Tsukuba Plant
  • injection molding machines
    東芝機械 60t 1 units
    東芝機械 75t 2 units
    東芝機械 100t 3 units
    東芝機械 130t 1 units
    東芝機械 160t 1 units
    東芝機械 180t 1 units
    TOTAL 9 units
  • 調液/充填設備
    オートクレーブ 2 units
    純水精製装置 1 units
    充填機(1ch) 1 units
    充填機(8ch) 1 units
  • その他の設備
    Inventor/PTC Creo
    2 units
    2D·CAD(Auto-CAD) 6 units
    構造解析(Femap) 1 units
    流動解析(MOLD-FLOW) 1 units
    3D Printer(Objet Eden 260V) 1 units
    三次元測定機 2 units
    万能投影機 1 units
    工具顕微鏡 1 units
    表面粗さ計 1 units
Yokkaichi Plant
  • injection molding machines
    住友重工 75t 1 units
    TOTAL 1 units
  • *1 *2 : Azai Plant tranceference.
    NC旋盤 2 units
    卓上ボール盤 1 units
    コンターマシン 1 units
    ファインカッター 1 units
    蒸着機 1 units
    高速MC(F-MACH) *1 1 units
    平面研削盤 *2 1 units
  • 測定設備
    接触三次元測定機 1 units
    非接触三次元測定機 2 units
    3Dスキャナ型三次元測定機 1 units
    高分解能非接触三次元測定機 1 units
    超深度形状測定顕微鏡 1 units
    色彩輝度計 2 units
    真円度測定機 1 units
    歯車噛み合い試験機 1 units
    CNC歯車試験機 1 units++
  • その他の設備
    PTC Creo/Solid works
    4 units
    2D·CAD(Auto-CAD) 8 units
    構造解析(PTC Creo) 1 units
    成形解析(Mold flow/Moldex) 2 units
    蒸着機 1 units
    熱衝撃試験機 1 units
    恒温恒湿試験機 1 units
    恒温オーブン 2 units
    乾燥機 2 units
Suzuka Plant
  • injection molding machines
    東芝機械 350t 1 units
    280t 2 units
    160t 1 units
    FANUC 100t 4 units
    FANUC 50t 1 units
    住友重工 50t 1 units
    TOTAL 10 units