Coating Technology


Coating Technology

We have a wide variety of molding methods, and by selecting the most suitable method for the application of our customers’ products (e.g., automobiles, electrical products, amusement field, etc.), we are able to achieve fine precision and beautiful finishes.

Coating method


Large parts painting line

We operate the painting robot efficiently and perform high-gloss coating, multi-color coating and large-sized coating quickly.

  • Speedy and high quality by robot painting

  • 大型部品塗装ライン
    Large parts painting line
  • 高光沢塗装ライン
    High gloss paint line

Small parts painting line

We coat small to medium size products speedily and beautifully. We make use of the latest paint robot to meet paint of all needs, and support high gloss paint and UV paint. A variety of robot coating equipment such as rotary coating and spindle coating realizes high-quality and beautiful finish.

  • Painting of the cover lens. Speedy and high quality by robot painting in a clean environment
  • Air shower device to maintain clean environment
  • Quality check in inspection process

UV Coating

It is a coating method that uses a paint (UV hard coat paint) that is cured by UV irradiation.

·It has high gloss and mirror finish.
·Excellent heat resistance.It does not burn even if the fire of the cigarette is pressed.
·Wear resistance, chemical resistance, solvent resistance, etc. are much better than ordinary paint.

Coating Process

Metallic Coating

It is a painting technology that achieves a mirror-like appearance by painting fine powder metal paint on the back of a transparent resin.

·A mirror-like appearance can be given to cylindrical inner standing walls such as caps, which are difficult to coat in vapor deposition.(Please refer to Figure 1)

·The process can be shortened compared to evaporation.(Please refer to Figure 2)





A method of laminating metal on the product surface by magnetron sputtering to give a metallic appearance.

·In addition to Al, Ni and Cr, high melting point materials such as molybdenum and tungsten, alloys, and oxides can be used because plasma-excited argon is used.

·Metal layers can be formed at a higher density than vapor deposition.Film thickness control is easy and possible.