Medical & Healthcare


Medical and Healthcare

·Design proposal according to customer’s specifications and requirements( 3D model creation)
·Development from prototype to product using CAE (structure / flow analysis etc) and 3D printer
·We provide products with clean room (Class 100 to 100,000), insect and bacteria control, and quality control system based on ISO 13485/9001.

Parts for Medical, Dental and IVD Use

·we manufacture in a clean room, we can supply high quality products.
·we have an aseptic filling facility, we can supply aseptic filling products. ·February 2010, we acquired a medical device management system (ISO 13485 certification) in order to gain more security and confidence in providing medical devices and dental medical device parts and products.
·also manufacture at overseas consignees, so we can supply products overseas.


Dental related products

  • Dental repair material storage container

    ·Material storage and mixing container
    A structure in which the seal opens when a certain amount of force is applied (because the chamber is completely divided into two, there is no need to worry about leaks(Patented)

  • Applier

    (Assembly product)
    1)Production parts for which the medical equipment manufacturing industry license has been obtained
    2)Assembly products using metal materials and plastic parts

  • 光学セル
  • Optical cell

    ·Realizing high-precision surface with less distortion

    ·We offer mold structure for less thickness deviation of photometry surface.

    ·Molding of not only general plastics but also specialty plastics is possible.

  • Fluorine Plastic Molded Part

    ·We are capable of molding of fluorine plastics, which are predisposed to fret metals.
    (Injection molding / Blow molding)

  • 簡易細菌検査容器
  • Simplified Bacteria Testing Container

    ·We have inline process of preparation and filling of a culture media.

    ·In case a culture media is filled under non-aseptic environment, bacteria grows on it.

    We perform falling bacteria test before filling process to secure aseptic environment.

  • アルミシール付きキャップ
  • Cap with Aluminum Seal

    ·We provide a cap with aluminum seal.

    ·Production process is fully automated. Seal position is 100% inspected by a camera.